Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday, May 06, 2014... thanks, Long Island Medium...

I watched Long Island Medium Sunday night... the one with Cherry Lane Theater (great episode!)...
So here's the rundown of today:
I was awakened just before 8am when an invisible hand gently "honked my nose" ... you know, like you might lightly squeeze a clown's big red nose? I definitely felt it! My eyes popped open - I looked for the cat (sleeping soundly near my feet)... I was spooked for awhile, but not enough to get up.... this is the second odd thing that has happened in less than a week.... the first was actually a dream:

Friday night (May 2-3)...I dreamed I was with a long time friend of mine. The cat (the heavy one) had been walking on my thighs and hip as I was lying on my side. When I got up (in the dream), there appeared to be bruises on my leg where she had stepped. As I showed them to my friend, I saw the marks were bluish arrows that pointed to my lower right leg - I looked:  there is an 8-color drawing that completely covers my leg from the knee down! I remember a red barn, a blue sky, some green grass... some yellow (flowers? corn? sun?) and in black scrawled across the picture "GO TO FLAGSTAFF! ALL alil. ..." (something about 4 people who were indicted on federal charges were found in Flagstaff (Arizona)... in the dream! in the dream! I have no clue what that part draws from (draws, heh heh))!


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