Thursday, December 26, 2013

Why do I still not have shoes?

In many of my dreams recently, I am not wearing shoes. Most times, I am wearing socks, but not shoes. Only in a couple am I actually barefoot. So what is going on here?

I do know a few things I believe about shoes:
1.) Mom always told us to put on shoes when we were going anywhere - to the store, to the neighbor's to play, to the park, for a walk up the street... this task was required (as was "put on a coat" from October 1 to May 15.. no matter the weather!)

2.) During an interview, Oprah Winfrey was recounting a conversation she had with Bill Cosby. In reference to knowing when you have "succeeded (in life)" and when it's time to start giving back (to the larger community), Cosby said to her, "Do you have enough shoes?" ... Think about that...

So, from these two ideas, I gather: 1) I can't go anywhere if I didn't put on my shoes... rejumbled: I don't have on shoes, so I can't go anywhere. 2) I need more shoes. ... but I have recently acquired a new pair of running shoes (thank you, sister!) and a new pair of black dressy boots (again, thank you, sister!). These two pair replaced the very worn out shoes I wore most often. I am in better shape (shoewise), then, right?

Let's revisit the first idea of not going anywhere.. what happened in the dream when I didn't have shoes? In one dream, I was barefoot (so, not even wearing socks!) and I was confused that my shoes were absent. I decided to stay in the car and wait for my friends. A stranger tried to open the car, and I quickly locked the doors, and rolled up the windows to prevent her entry. (Good thing I was there? because THEN my friends came back to the car and the stranger twisted Tom Cruise's nose until she broke it! (attempting to ruin his image?) .. how might this situation have been different if I had walked with them even without my shoes?)

Last night, I dreamt I am walking a dog (an old beagle hound like one I recently met). A friend, also with a dog, and I are walking to a (dinner) at a church. I am wearing socks, but not shoes. We are approaching the rear of the building. The beagle wants to enter through the basement, but I know that there is a mud floor there (and some standing water), and I direct the dog away from the door. The next entrance we see is on the first level, but I see spiderwebs in front of the doors, indicating these doors are not used. There are two sets of doors. Upon climbing the steps to the porch, we can see that there are webs in front of both sets of doors, but the setting sun reflects off water droplets in one of the webs so that they look like gold and silver coins (not coins, just flat disks, but that's what it made me think of). I try to get a picture of the web with my cell phone, but I am clumsy with the leash in my hand, and the coin effect is fading with the sun. We enter the church with about 15 minutes left in the event schedule, but we don't find the room where the dinner is. It seems to be just in the next hallway, but I can't find the connector to go there. I meet people in the hallway and in other rooms, and some of them have plates with food. I ate a little something before I came, so I am not particularly hungry, but I am disappointed that I can't seem to navigate this building with which I am not completely unfamiliar! (friend not beside me?) ... In this dream, the lack of shoes only prevented me from entering the church through the muddy basement (but, I did consider it for a very brief moment).

So, what is all this "I don't have on shoes" business going on in my dreams? 

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