Monday, November 11, 2013

Time traveler?

Monday, November 11, 2013:
I must start this entry by telling you that I have NOT watched the current movie about a time traveler... in fact, my dream hardly seemed to have that component except for the realization that I was at an event that happened two days before that I was certain I had not attended. The thought occurred to me: so, I could stress less about being forced to choose between events, (nephew's ball game and dinner with friends) because I have the power to go back and attend the missed event. Cool! Also, by posting this at the end of the day, instead of first thing, I've forgotten much...

I am on a crowded bus. I ask another woman on the bus if the next stop is for UNC-G (University of North Carolina at Greensboro.. where I earned my bachelor degree). "Yes," she replies. I gather my coat and book bag, and shoes (?) and prepare to exit, but the driver closes the door and starts rolling! Ugh! I pull the cord to request a stop. At the next stop, I exit the bus, but I left a pair of boots on board. (Why?) I call to the driver, but he closes the door and drives away. I muse that I will call the transportation authority and report the boots on the bus, and I can pick them up from the office later.

A woman in a colorful dress approaches me with open arms, with "I'm so glad to see you! Haven't seen you in forever"... etc. I smile, and we hug. I continue into the building.<this part is vague.. I must have put my books and such down somewhere because I don't have them when I next remember walking down the sidewalk straight from the front door of the building.>

I am walking on the sidewalk. When I reach the street, I realize that today is Saturday (again), and this must be UNC-G Homecoming... except, I didn't go to homecoming! So, if I am now attending the event that I am sure I missed, then there is no chance of encountering myself! Excellent! More people should do this, and just think of everything you could accomplish! (It's been a LOOOONG time since I saw Groundhog Day, so I don't think that is a factor, either..). Across the street, there is a lot of busy-ness. People are preparing for a parade (homecoming parade... if this is, indeed, homecoming). The street goes uphill (not steep), and I hear someone (on a radio?) say that +TomCruise was here this morning! He did say was, didn't he? Or is Tom still around campus? Firetrucks with their lights flashing are driving in a choreographed circle on my left. I step around the back of a white (and clean) recycling truck. I hear someone else say something about Tom Cruise being on campus today. This could be my lucky day! 
<It's weird.. the stuff I suddenly think about! I got up at 5:30 this morning to look for the comets that are supposed to be easy binocular targets every morning this week, and then went back to bed ... and dreamed all this... but I didn't brush my teeth during that wake/back to sleep... and I thought of that in my dream!>
I am thinking how great it would be to meet Tom, and I realize that I haven't brushed my teeth this morning, not even rinse with mouthwash! (how did THAT happen?) I start looking for a store. I know there are many around the campus, little shops-convenience stores-restaurants that have mints or gum... I head toward a what looks like a row of shops. I enter the first one. It's a bit dark, but I see two men sitting at the end of the bar (bar?, table-ish?). I am drinking the last of a red/orange soup from a bowl. The men are looking at a 2-gallon jug turned on its side that rests in the center of the (table/bar.. not across from each other, so if the end of the bar is square, one sits at the short end of the bar, and the other around the corner). The jug contains red/orange liquid very much like my soup. One is telling the other how Yankees (Americans north of Richmond, VA) like to eat hot spicy foods just to show how tough they are and there is no sensible reason for those people to hurt themselves like they do. I glance around for a display of gum or candy. A lady comes from the kitchen to the bar and asks if I need anything else. I ask for a glass of water as I search my pockets for money <I know I had some earlier... I find some coins in a coat pocket, and I hope it's enough!>. She opens a bottle and hands it to me. I take a drink, noticing it is citrusy and carbonated... like Perrier! <I really hope some money materializes the next time I check my pockets!>

The woman looks at me and says, "Don't I know you?" .. well, maybe, I went to school here.. "No, that's not it. Do you follow us on Twitter?" She pulls out her laptop and starts typing. I give her my Twitter name (in the dream it's different, like "Hermegumi" or something "megumi"). "Yeah! Here you are!" she says, as someone else shows me a full page ad for the restaurant in the local newspaper. I can't read it all, but there is something about "if you follow them on Twitter..." <maybe I don't need money after all?>

Pretty odd, huh?

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