Sunday, September 22, 2013

So now I'M driving?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

I dreamt I am in an office meeting. The topic: changes to the definition of "family" and "dependents" in the insurance policy.
"A family is defined as a married couple with 'sexually born' children (meaning naturally born to the parents, not acquired by other means). This distinguishes from two partners co-habiting with children." 
Why did they even call me into this meeting? It has nothing to do with me or my job. I start dozing off. I dream that I am outside of a parsonage with a big tree near the concrete driveway. I can probably climb it. There are older adults talking on the lawn. They aren't paying attention to me. I imagine how I would step up into the center of the main branches (it's pruned open for ventilation). I walk around the tree and notice the branch nearest the driveway is more vertical and has what appears to be rocks embedded in the wood. It looks as if the rock clasts are part of the tree. This branch is rotting, and I gently break a piece of the bark for closer inspection, but the whole branch snaps loose! Now, the others take notice... I think this must be a protected species and no one is supposed to harm/touch/collect any part of it. - I wake, still in the meeting.

The meeting is adjourned (finally!), but the other women at the table notice how late it is. The meeting started around 4pm, and now it is nearly 7pm! There had been some other activities in the office that same afternoon, and we have all missed out.
As I leave the office, I am greeted by an older woman who is rearranging items in her car. She asks me how the sale went.
"A couple of the girls told me they had some good sales today!" she tells me.
Confused, I reply that those must have come late in the day while I was in a meeting.
She says something encouraging like "it will be better next time" or something...
She and I are in her car with at least two others (one of whom is my youngest sister). The lady is rummaging in a bag (purse?) and talking to us. I wonder if she is going to get this car rolling ... limo, actually. We are in a Lincoln. The car slowly starts rolling forward. She has pressed the keyless ignition, but no one is steering.
"Aren't you going to drive?" I asked, slightly alarmed.
She and the others are still involved in conversation, so I slide into the driver's seat and take the wheel.
"This is why I hate big cars!" I mumble while steering this monstrosity of a vehicle along a narrow neighborhood street. "I hate BIG CARS, and I cannot LIE!..." I start singing (yes, to the tune "Baby Got Back" from Sir Mix-A-Lot!) and my sister joins in LOL her verse makes me wonder if there is actually a song "I Like Big Cars"... when she mentions the backseat, I joke that may be the only redeeming quality for having a big car! The others in the car laugh at my joke. I drive the car up a steep grassy hill ... truly, there is a communal path going up to a house, and I have been there before (per my dream), just not in a Lincoln. The car is too heavy and can't make it past halfway. I start slowly backing down the hill.
"This is where I am going to live," I explain to the woman that owns the car.
From the road, I can take a less steep path to the right... oh, through the trees! ... made it.. but now we are blocked by the patio wall (must be new since I've been here last?)... change direction again to go through neighbor's property. The path leads to his driveway, but only to his garages (where cars are parked) and to the house. The man next door is on his balcony with his son, as I can hear them talking. I think they are making something with wood. I see unfinished wood sheets and sawdust.
"Hello, neighbor!" I call out. "We are trying to find a way back down to the road."
He looks up. He looks around as if looking for the path to help me get pointed in the right direction...

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