Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tortoise with a cracked shell?

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6/3/2014This is late .. this dream occurred three nights ago(5/31?), but I'm telling you now ... confession: I had just read an email on feng-shui suggesting that I should add figurines of turtles to my decor (and even one under the bed) for "support"...

>>I'm indoors with family. I am sweeping cat/dog fur from under the kitchen sink and behind the dishwasher (a cabinet is movable so I can get behind it). The fur is orange. I muse it must be from my sister's calico even though that cat is predominantly white. Then the broom pulls out a white fluffy dog! It's definitely a dog.. I think bringing to life the saying "there's so much fur under here you could make another dog!" <so, maybe I need to sweep under and behind the appliances?>...
 I go outdoors. Walking straight out along a dirt path, I notice an old wooden flat-bed wagon to my right. I notice a turtle (tortoise) sticking its head out of a pile of leaves on the back of the wagon. The wagon is about 4 feet high, and I think the turtle can't be happy there, and should be on the ground. The shell is bright green, but it's domed like a tortoise. As I reach to move it, the turtle tries to bite me.. twice. I quickly grab it and put it on the ground. Somehow, this resulted in an overturned turtle, and I notice the underside was tan, but now is old, gray, and dingy. I set it right side up, and I notice a crack about a quarter or a third of the way up the shell. The crack is approximately a millimeter wide and open, and extends all the way across the shell. Well, that can't be good! I thought, and I pulled out my phone to take a picture of it to send to my sister who loves turtles. I mistyped the passcode on my phone. The turtle is crawling away - in a hurry! I can't find the backspace to correct the passcode. Turning off/on brings me to the same screen with the wrong code. I give up and chase after the turtle.
That thing is as fast as a lizard! I ask anyone I pass "Did you see a green turtle come past?" They each point to the forward direction.. by the time I get to a shed, I know I will have to give up the chase....
Now here's the weird part... I am walking through this shed - tool barn - and I hear music playing (the middle beats of Freakazoid by Midnight Star. I'm dancing as I walk, and (actor) David Spade is following me through the barn rambling "Oh, Heidi! I don't want to hear this story again! About how you met him and he's really not a good dancer and can't sing..." -
I glance behind me, "I don't think I've talked to you or even seen you since I've been back!"
I turn left through a doorway (that seems to open on the rightside of the shed?). I see (actor) Patrick Warburton (also from sit-com "Rules of Engagement"... was I watching this before I went to sleep?). I ask him about the turtle. He says he saw it going "that way," and points to a continuation of the original path headed into a field by the edge of the woods. Interestingly, there is water separating where I am standing (on a grassy bar) from where the turtle went. I stepped off the bar and quickly recovered before my shoe was wet.
I see two people (a guy and a girl) in a small boat in the water not far away. They appear to be taking trash out of the water. A young man behind me lifts an old ornate rubber turquoise blue doormat from a puddle in front of a desk (we are indoors, yet outdoors).
"It looks like a doormat," I offer.
"Yeah. It was my brother's," he replies.
"House flooded? or trashed?"
"It was trash."

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