Monday, May 27, 2013

Having a baby ....

Sunday May 26/Monday May 27 - 2013

Strangest dream I can remember ... My 6-year old niece is having a baby...She is upstairs in my house, and is attended by a doctor (?) her mother, and others. She is sitting on the floor, on her knees, legs apart, and keeping herself distracted with books and toys. When pain hits, she cries out, but not like a woman in labor really would... I remember taking candies I made to her. They were chocolate coated pretzels with multicolored sprinkles (the little colored balls like you would sprinkle on cookies, non-pareilles (?)). My dad approaches my sister and me at the bottom of the stairs. I notice he has in his hand a store-bought candy similar to what I had made. He asks if there is any of my candy left. I tell him I took it to (my niece). My sister and I start up the stairs, and I see a large decorative bird nest above the staircase. There are decorated Easter eggs and candy in the basket. My father is satisfied with the candy there and doesn't climb the stairs.

When I look for the bowl of candy upstairs, there is only some other kind left in the bowl. All the candy I made is gone. I sit beside my niece and wonder why parents/doctors allowed her to carry a baby? I wonder that it cannot possibly be healthy/normal and will not survive? No one is aghast at the situation. It is as normal as if she simply had a tummy ache.

OK, so here is what I know about symbology of babies/pregnancy:
1. Birth of a new (business/life) idea.
2. New addition to current situation.
3. Something planned is finally manifesting.

The symbology of my child niece is confusing, but it could signify that a new idea or expected solution will come from a very surprising and unlikely source. 

Dog reappears in dreams...

Saturday May 25/Sunday May 26 - 2013

I remember dreaming about a dog (that's the third time in a week I have seen the same dog in my dreams! It may even be the same dog that I dreamed was in the kitchen and I asked my brother (in the dream) if he also saw the dog because I thought I might be hallucinating! - the dog looks very similar to my dog "Phoebe" who passed in October.... I know it is not her because Phoebe had white 'socks' with small light brown spots (probably from English Springer/Brittany Spaniel in her genes) and the dog in my dream does not have 'socks.' Oddly, in my dream, the dog was curled up on the backseat of my car... later, it was playing with my niece, who was running and screaming because she "is afraid of it" (I doubt it). My sister was yelling at the dog to leave and 'go home,' but as it came near me, I realized that I am the only one who is friendly to the dog. I wonder why?...

So now, a dog in a dream indicates a loyal friend. Extrapolating this interpretation... this (friend) is loyal to me and me to (him/her), but my family is not friendly toward it...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Another SpaceX dream - and my crush!

Dream Sunday May 19 2013:

I was lying in bed in the upstairs bedroom.  I was listening to a voicemail my youngest sister had left on my cell phone, when I looked out the window to see a white capsule flying at a low altitude  - reminds me of a Tylenol (R) caplet- with short triangular wings* and "SpaceX" written in blue letters along the front half of the capsule. The ship flies into a building to the west of my house. The building is a multistory structure with an industrial-style exterior covering (like storage buildings) and at least 50m distant. The ship flies through the exterior several stories above ground, leaving a rectangular hole ripped in the side of the building. There is no sound and no smoke. I get out of bed and reach for my jeans. I am wondering whether to call emergency or if this has already been done. When I look out the window again, the building has been moved closer to my house (approximately 4m away now!). My mother comes upstairs as I am taking pictures of the destruction with my iPhone. Interestingly, there is no smoke, and no one seems particularly alarmed. More of the siding is ripped away, and I can see people sitting at a table.. I think they are playing cards?

My father calls everyone to dinner. I go downstairs to the dining room where I meet my youngest sister's husband. We briefly discuss the lack of sirens and such, and conclude that the government wants to keep the incident as quiet as possible.  As I walk to my place at the table, my long-time crush (remember him?) was seated beside my place! The place to his left is where "Granny" sits (my great-grandmother?), and my place, to his right, is at the end of this side of the long table.
"Oh!" I said gleefully, "Are you sitting beside me today?" (I remember twice recently he did not... dreamtime, not realtime).
"If that is all right with you?"
"Of course!"
I was standing behind him, and kissed his hair and tousled it with my fingers. His hair is lighter brown and mingled with gray now, but he is still a cutie! When I was seated, he continued, "I want to tell you something about what happens when a human soul is born for the second time. I used to read all your posts, and... " ....something about the risk of demons on second incarnation.. I wasn't listening, I was stuck on "I read your posts.." and wondering when and why he stopped reading.

*A short fat capsule with short triangular wings may be flying using the physics of a bumble bee?
I wish I could draw these ships I dream about... I will give it my best .. this is the second +SpaceX ship I have seen in a dream. The first was much larger and had advanced technology.