Thursday, September 22, 2011

Green Snake? ... I was somewhere doing something on the patio of my friend's house. It was darkish, after sundown. Along the edge of the patio, some leafless vines hung down like long dark slender pods of an exotic plant. I kept looking at them because a bird was making a fuss and I really expected to find a snake. Eventually, one of the pods DID reveal itself to be a slender snake! I reached for it and as I retrieved it from the shadows, it was obviously a common green snake (docile, non-poisonous, garden variety here in the US). I carried it in my hands toward the house, but it became agitated and was making a noise (not a hissing like you would expect!). It sounded like a distress cry, short, loud for the animal's size, and mouth fully opened. ... it didn't try to bite? because without venom, I am too big and strong for a duel, so the snake would be doomed.

Still, I found a green snake, and it was not too happy about being captured and carried. Is it pertinent that I was carrying it in my left hand?

Monday, September 5, 2011

good news?

Here's a good dream, I think? I am a Partylite consultant. I sell Partylite candles and home fragrance/decor. Except, I have been so busy with school and family, I haven't pursued it with any fervor. So, last night, I dreamt I was leaving from a Partylite Regional Meeting. An acquaintance of mine stopped me. She sat on a bench in the middle of the large "hallway" (more like one of those places in the middle of a shopping mall where you can sit and people-watch). She sighs and tells me she was looking through the catalog I gave her and saw a lot of things she wanted. "You need to have a party!" I replied (happily). She looked up at me and said, "I just need to have a party!" ... Yay, me! I seem to be more happy about the prospect that she is...

So, my would-be hosts.... 1) love the products... 2) love to get a shopping spree for hosting a party.... but 3) dread (?) the actual planning/having people over... hmmm.... I need to change that for them! Parties are fun! That's why we don't call them "home demonstrations!" LOL That's what door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesmen do! Most importantly... who is this friend of mine that needs to host a party? I need to make some calls!! ... Just as soon as I am done with my homework!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

MIB: Missionaries in Black

I dreamt I was stopped on the way to my car/class (?) by a young man and a young woman who were proselytizing and handing out religious tracts. They were wearing identical T-shirts that were black with some red image screened-printed on the front and white lettering (didn't read). Trying to cut to the chase when they were asking where I was going, I told them I was certain I was going to Heaven and "I'll see you there!" They replied, "You won't see US there!" ........... I'm sorry, WHAT?!

Darn, too late! I'm awake now!