Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Singing: This Land is Your Land..

Wednesday, June 4, 2014:
I could not fall asleep last night! ok.. at some point I must have, because I woke up before 9am.. but, I went to bed at 2am and was aware that I was not sleeping. This morning, I remembered this dream:

Two men with me stole a laptop case from a stranger (at an airport). The thief laughed that the woman "probably doesn't even know it's missing!" We all look at the bag.There is a thick black antennae sticking out of the top (as from a walkie-talkie). I'm hoping it's not a terrorist's detonation package! The second man exclaims, "You idiot! Did you steal it from the security guard?" He opens the bag to reveal a walkie-talkie and a few other related devices. At least one has a numbered label on it.
We hear over the PA system about a missing radio unit with number (as on label). Great. She DOES know it's missing. I talk on the walkie to security. I verify the unit in question is the one in the bag. I "create a diversion" by returning the bag. I'm really not sure what these two are up to? They are not strangers to me, but I'm confused how this plan is going to play out. I just go with it.
As I walk to the security office, a guard on my left is talking on the landline (phone, hooked to the wall). She reports, "The subject is in your sector right now. You should see her." Yes, I am "the subject." I walk into what appears to be a retail area, but security has their office there as well. I hand the bag to the woman that approaches me. She thanks me and tells me a crisis has been averted and the two suspects (my friends?) have turned themselves in. I look at her quizzically, but I am a little sad that they are caught.
I talk to a man at the counter about the nice weather. It's May 31. I tell him I am going out to get some sunshine, and I feel sad for those who will miss this glorious opportunity. Three steps toward the door, I notice a woman has purchased sliced tomato. The tomato must have been the size of a dinner plate, judging by the size of the quartered slices! I decide to buy a couple of slices (quarter slices). The man at the counter asks me to select the two I want from the three available on the tray he offers. I quickly choose, and he praises me for not taking a lot of time choosing. He goes on to say that he tries to be nice to people by offering them to choose, but often customers are indecisive and he ends up choosing for them because a line is forming. He lays the lone piece over a slice of pizza.
"How much?" I ask as I dig coins from my purse (yes, the purse I currently carry).
"Six cents."
"Really? Okay, then I'll have a Coke to go with it!" I am surprised at the low price. I was worried I would barely have enough. I dropped a coin. The woman behind me picked it up and handed it to me.
"That's a nice one," she comments.
"Thanks. I have another one here that says 'Bulgaria'," I show another coin to her and the clerk. The bronze coin has high relief on one side with what appears to be  mountains with gold flecks covering the top half of the coin. Strangely, the high relief is an illusion, as the coin is the same thickness as any other.
"One dollar," the clerk asks for the Coke.
I count off four of the quarters I am holding - they are all different. One is white and has a verse on it.. ("Life..." is written but I can't remember the rest).
"Here you go! All different!" I hand him the coins.
I leave. It's a beautiful late afternoon/early evening. Driving my car, I remember to put on my seatbelt when I get to the first STOP sign. A song is playing on the CD player "This Land is Your Land,This Land is My Land." I sing along. I notice that I hold notes and train the lyrics together differently than the near staccato arrangement on the CD. Doesn't matter. I like how I sing it better. I press shuffle on the CD-player, but the system jams and the titles show on the screen slightly misaligned from their track numbers. What the..? I can't fix it while I'm driving. Darn! No music for awhile!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tortoise with a cracked shell?

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6/3/2014This is late .. this dream occurred three nights ago(5/31?), but I'm telling you now ... confession: I had just read an email on feng-shui suggesting that I should add figurines of turtles to my decor (and even one under the bed) for "support"...

>>I'm indoors with family. I am sweeping cat/dog fur from under the kitchen sink and behind the dishwasher (a cabinet is movable so I can get behind it). The fur is orange. I muse it must be from my sister's calico even though that cat is predominantly white. Then the broom pulls out a white fluffy dog! It's definitely a dog.. I think bringing to life the saying "there's so much fur under here you could make another dog!" <so, maybe I need to sweep under and behind the appliances?>...
 I go outdoors. Walking straight out along a dirt path, I notice an old wooden flat-bed wagon to my right. I notice a turtle (tortoise) sticking its head out of a pile of leaves on the back of the wagon. The wagon is about 4 feet high, and I think the turtle can't be happy there, and should be on the ground. The shell is bright green, but it's domed like a tortoise. As I reach to move it, the turtle tries to bite me.. twice. I quickly grab it and put it on the ground. Somehow, this resulted in an overturned turtle, and I notice the underside was tan, but now is old, gray, and dingy. I set it right side up, and I notice a crack about a quarter or a third of the way up the shell. The crack is approximately a millimeter wide and open, and extends all the way across the shell. Well, that can't be good! I thought, and I pulled out my phone to take a picture of it to send to my sister who loves turtles. I mistyped the passcode on my phone. The turtle is crawling away - in a hurry! I can't find the backspace to correct the passcode. Turning off/on brings me to the same screen with the wrong code. I give up and chase after the turtle.
That thing is as fast as a lizard! I ask anyone I pass "Did you see a green turtle come past?" They each point to the forward direction.. by the time I get to a shed, I know I will have to give up the chase....
Now here's the weird part... I am walking through this shed - tool barn - and I hear music playing (the middle beats of Freakazoid by Midnight Star. I'm dancing as I walk, and (actor) David Spade is following me through the barn rambling "Oh, Heidi! I don't want to hear this story again! About how you met him and he's really not a good dancer and can't sing..." -
I glance behind me, "I don't think I've talked to you or even seen you since I've been back!"
I turn left through a doorway (that seems to open on the rightside of the shed?). I see (actor) Patrick Warburton (also from sit-com "Rules of Engagement"... was I watching this before I went to sleep?). I ask him about the turtle. He says he saw it going "that way," and points to a continuation of the original path headed into a field by the edge of the woods. Interestingly, there is water separating where I am standing (on a grassy bar) from where the turtle went. I stepped off the bar and quickly recovered before my shoe was wet.
I see two people (a guy and a girl) in a small boat in the water not far away. They appear to be taking trash out of the water. A young man behind me lifts an old ornate rubber turquoise blue doormat from a puddle in front of a desk (we are indoors, yet outdoors).
"It looks like a doormat," I offer.
"Yeah. It was my brother's," he replies.
"House flooded? or trashed?"
"It was trash."