Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Witnessed CME... Apocalypse WOW

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Today is a day I can sleep later, but the cat insisted I refresh her food and water at 8am. After taking care of her, I went back to bed.. and had this dream (oh, I must tell you: I have placed a quartz crystal sphere and a few quartz crystal points under my pillow. This has led to some pretty wild (but not nightmarish) dreams!)

I dreamed I was driving east on the interstate with my 6yr old niece because she said she misses watching the sunrise ("we haven't done that in a long time!").. We see bands of pink and gray clouds and can barely see disk of sun. We have my Canon Powershot A720IS camera to take pictures of the sunrise. I am on my cell phone talking to my sister (the niece's mother).

"Can you see the sun?" my sister asks.
"Not really, but the camera sees it," I reply.
The clouds start to thin and I can see the sundisk more often. Just then, the clouds make a hole, and I see a CME from the upper right quadrant of the sundisk, and shock ring around the sun moving quickly outward.  I think to myself, that can't be good!.. I am not alarmed nor scared/terrified, etc in the dream. It's just "Oh, this happened, so now I must do this." My niece is also not alarmed. I assess the situation and look for safety.

 The cars ahead of us on the interstate are on fire in eastbound and westbound lanes (we were driving toward the sunrise (even though the sun was probably 30*-40* high). Whatever is causing the fire (the shockwave?) is moving toward us, engulfing cars on the way. I get us to safety (and then the dream gets weird) playing with Lego blocks in the basement. The floor has carpet. My niece needs a bathroom but doesn't want to use the one here. I offer her a plastic mixing bowl with a cup of cat litter in it (for easy cleanup), but she refuses. She refuses all other offers of jars/cans/etc. from others who are with us. Her mother finds us and they leave together.

I go look at the bathroom. There are urine puddles on the floor at the base of the toilet and beside the bathtub. Someone has also relieved himself (assuming here) IN the bathtub. Ugh! I think to myself, why do (males) lose their sense of (decency?civility? .. whatever it is that helps them urinate in the toilet and not everywhere else) in times of crisis? I open the toilet. It has been used. Should I flush it? ... hmm.. might not be able to flush it again later.. so I just close it.

There are at least two men here: one older than 60, the other younger than 40. I do not know the names of either of them. We are all just going about our business, and not much talking. I wonder if I should ask their names (especially the younger one). Should I tell him my name? My real name or a fake one? Oh, we may be on the "trust no one" code here... maybe names are best left unspoken? I say nothing.

I start stress cleaning (because cleaning house is what I do when I am stressed). I start in the corner of a bedroom - dusting the pictures/mirror frames in a bedroom and reaching to the wall to dust away cobwebs if there are any in the corners. The house is not really dirty, this is just my way of coping... It's getting late, tomorrow will be a long day as we all look to secure food/housing for the long term. I look for a place to sleep.
A small woman dressed like a princess (like Dora the Explorer as a princess, only not Dora) suddenly has a trailer with a bed.. at first I thought it was a pop-up tent then I realized she has more room and it is like an RV-trailer (sort of). Very comfortable space for her. She doesn't talk to anyone and just goes about her business. Another woman has a small cot to sleep on.
 I see two dolls lying on the floor, and I pick them up and carry them. A woman tells me that these dolls don't get along, and she is not looking forward to another dispute of theirs. (huh?) I tell her I was just picking them up off the floor and going to put them somewhere for the night. She tells me that she would have just left them there. I walk away shaking my head in disbelief.

for astronomers, the CME erupted in the upper right quadrant and was visible past the right limb... light travels from sun to Earth in approx 8 min? the effect on the surface was nearly simultaneous with the sight of the CME

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I dreamt I cut my hair... well, trimmed, actually. I was standing in front of the mirror at my mother's house, using a wide-toothed comb to straighten my bangs (which were still not right after cutting). I had trimmed only a few inches from the length of my hair, which didn't change the style.

This dream comes only a few days after I dreamed I went to a salon while on vacation and had a cut & color. My mother exclaimed (not in a happy way), "Did you get your hair cut?!" Again, no change in style or color, I simply had my hair professionally done. I remember thinking it was a splurge, but not feeling too guilty for the expense.

Monday, July 8, 2013

nice sit down chat time

Last night (today is Monday), I dreamt I was sitting across from Tom Cruise and looking at pictures of him and his family. There was a picture of him with a short haircut taken during the filming of "Minority Report." He pointed to that picture and told me about Suri (his daughter) having a "soft spot" on her head like he has where the hair is softer than the hair around it. He continues, telling me about a ring from his grandmother that is actually embedded under the scalp, and how it looks black, but really it is not. (and this story is not strange or weird to me. Maybe more interestingly, he is not telling me anything I do not know (about the ring, because I have heard from other sources/media/etc) but I smile and listen). He smiles and we are enjoying a nice talk. I tell him, "You are the most amazing book I've ever read" (or something similar that he is interesting and amazing and I am enjoying the conversation, but I relate it to reading a book... It was better when my dreamself said it...)