Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This one is a doozy!

So, ten years ago, I worked with this great guy.. yes, okay, I will admit it... I had a huge crush on him (aren't I getting too old for that stuff?) .. anyway, he left the company around the end of April 2003... I was heartbroken! Knowing I would get a to work alongside him for any part of a shift was enough reason to come in to work... and then he was gone. Life sucked!

I have had a few weird dreams in the past where he appears, usually without speaking to me, and me too nervous to talk to him (whaaaa???) More recently (in the past two years), I have had dreams where we actually had a short conversation. (and one with a disembodied voice whispering our names and "Get out!"... did I tell you that one?)
I dreamed that I was working again at that same company. A lot of things have changed there (according to my dream). One of the supervisors said to me, "Someone you are looking for just went down the [??] stairs!"
"I'm actually looking for two people," I replied, "and where is that?"
"The white stairs there," he pointed.
I kept working. In a short while, "the one I've been looking for" came up to me. I looked at him a moment (mostly gazing into his big blue eyes), and them we embraced.
"You are taller than I remembered!" I told him.
I showed him things around work that had changed since he left. We talked about college (I was applying when he left, I have since graduated and then some!). He tells me he is not married.
"What made you decide to look for me after all these years?" I asked as we sat in a well-lit breakroom (was the furniture white? - the room itself was not).
"Well, you were kind of 'mouthy' [sassy] by the end, and I realized you were excited. [I figured you would be fun]*."
*something like that... I can't recall verbatim but "fun" was definitely a word!
= (

I dreamt some other stuff last night, too... I showed up as an impromtu volunteer at a children's fair and was partnered with a young girl (5 yrs old?) who had a definite liking for face painting - especially some turquoise colored powder! I hoped to persuade her to stickers, but found none before she found the powder. .... talking with women about people at the company mentioned in main dream (part of same dream? - we were outside, and I can't say if it was before or after the dream told above?)

Just a note - if the handsome blue-eyed man did find me, I would certainly entertain the idea....

some of these people are ME?

OOPS! I thought I might add to this one ... but not, so then I forgot to post it! 

I know I haven't been posting dreams as they happen... maybe I need to leave the computer up and running so when I wake up I can type it in ... usually, though, I remember strong bits and then I start remembering how those bits go together. That's what draft mode is for... ooooohhhh!

Earlier this week (March 23-29, 2013), I remember dreaming I was in a small bathroom. Two (African/American) girls were talking while a third (A/A) was examining the walls. The two went out and closed the door. They took a handmade potpourri hanger and shoved it through the cat-door that was cut into the bottom of the door. The third girl didn't notice. The hanger was made of a lace-covered embroidery hoop with a piece of light blue ribbon. The potpourri filled the hoop. The girl was looking for a place to hang it, and decided it would be okay on the nail outside the door. I got her attention and gestured toward the door and the hanger that lay on the floor. She frowned, wondering why the girls would do that. Then, she decided that was not the best place after all and continued tugging at loose wallpaper to find a better spot to hang it. I also pulled off some wallpaper, revealing a textured ivory colored paper underneath. I was about to use the wallpaper as TP, when I realized that there was TP on my right, but it had been unrolled and piled under the roller. I wasn't worried if it was clean - I was sure it was - and I talked aloud to the room, mostly to the young man on my left, justifying why I nearly used wallpaper instead. I looked around - besides myself and the girl with the potpourri hanger, there was a young white man on my left, and another young white woman and a child (male? female?-I think, Latino? white?) - is this a family restroom? The young woman nearest the child agreed that times have changed and the ideas of privacy have changed. I am trying to be as discrete as possible with my business.....

<yeah, that was weird...and why is it important that I remmebered the ethnicities of the others? Is that a clue to something? >