Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday, July 13, 2012 - I awoke at 04:35am from this dream:

"...I can't believe that tomorrow all this will be gone! Shoot, in five more minutes all this will be gone!" I tell my sister as I snatch my hooded wool coat from the closet along with the purple Blarney wool scarf she brought me from Ireland.
"Your Bible?" she asks.
"Did you want my other Bible?" I reply. Apparently, I have the Bible I use most often already in safety. The Bible in the closet is an extra that I rarely use.
"No, it's okay. I didn't know if you saw it."

Moments before, she and I were stacking personal items (books, dishes, trinkets, clothes...) in the middle of the room with some other women. At least one of the women was foreign (ethnicity?). That woman was lamenting how she was going to miss everything. I picked up a souvenir spoon that was still in its plastic case and white shop bag. A receipt stuck out of the case. I held it up for someone to claim. "Not mine!" they all replied. I looked at the receipt and realized it was mine - from France. I put the spoon and bag with receipt in my shirt pocket and kept working, wondering if I was petty (?) for keeping the souvenir.

As we finished stacking everything... in a pile about four feet (1.5 metres) high and nearly as long as the large industrial room we are in... I said (to someone), "Do you want to help me gather up what's left and put it in bags?" There were clothes and/or fabric on the floor beyond the pile and some cloth bags we could use to stuff them in. I suddenly realized there were things left in the closet in front of me that I did not want to abandon (my coat, for one!). I went to the closet to recover them.

"I'm sorry! I just can't leave this!... I can't believe that tomorrow all this will be gone! Shoot, in five more minutes all this will be gone!" (gone = destroyed by fire)

My feelings are that I can take away anything I can carry. No other worries of where I'm going, staying, eating, etc. All basic needs are apparently met, but this place is about to be ablaze (by what cause???)

too many dreams

Friday, February 15, 2013

Oops! I forgot to log my dreams! I dreamt all night last night while I was seriously sleeping in a deep sleep (my body was healing from a strenuous hike two days ago.. at least I AM recovered!)

I remember ...(these all run together like a very long dream. I do not recall waking between nor any breaks between. Underlines mean I was thinking this in the dream.)

>>There is a pillow .. round, small floral design .. it jumps off an armchair to prove it is interesting like (that other pillow that is squarish and shades of blue patchwork. Soon it has changed into a nearly identical pillow in shades of hot pink, but climbs back into the chair and converts to a yellow/gold rectangle with a wide burgundy stripe (Arizona State Univ. colors). It seems a bit sad? ...I am watching a movie with a man and woman in bed in the morning. He turns to her and says, "I wish I could just stay here forever!" She is probably a witch/sorceress, and replies that he will stay for the rest of his life. (dun-dun-DUNH!) Neil Patrick Harris (actor, Doogie Howser MD, How I Met Your Mother) is lying on the seat of an antique car with the blue patchwork pillow under his head. A friend replaces it with a down-filled pillow and comments that the woman wants him to be comfortable. He at first accepts and connects the seatbelts around his legs and torso (so as not to roll into the floorboard if the vehicle were to stop suddenly) and tells the friend to drive while he rests. Then NPH gets out with the pillow saying he "doesn't want to be comfy" and he wasn't unhappy and doesn't want things to change (oops! I think I just figured that part out! funny how writing stuff down makes you hear it out loud.. and then "whoops! there it is!")
I am at the mall with my mother and older sister. My sister has parked her SUV far from the building (probably at my suggestion to park in "boat parking"). A black entertainer (that I should know, but, sorry... I can tell you who it WASN'T!) ... at a mall and convention area. He was joking about the 'Cosmo girls' at the reception desk clinging to their coffee cups complaining they were cold. I smiled and sassed "Did you tell them to come to your show and dance around?" (I hope he's a musician?).. I am holding a puppy. It is short haired and floppy eared, maybe a Dachshund, but more like a Basset Hound. I might be working a kiosk? A woman approaches with two friends. She greets me first (oh! bad customer service!). I respond and she insists that I not stand up (because I am holding the puppy and she isn't really shopping with me, she's killing time). She complains about shopping with others. I laugh that I can totally relate! I tell her that I hate shopping with my mom and older sister because I never get to look at anything and spend all my time trying to catch up to them. But, my younger sister and I are great because even though we separate early, we will run into each other about every three minutes. We are just in sync like that! .. The lady seems impressed that there are suitable shopping partners...

I am walking back to the SUV. It's dark now. I can barely make out the vehicles. I am looking for the bumper stickers on my sister's SUV. Is that it? no? Mom and sis are following me. We get into the vehicle. ... My sis and I are driving towards downtown (must have dropped Mom off at her house? We are at the stoplight just past her neighborhood). The light is green, but there are still cars moving along the cross street through the intersection. A green motorbike pulls around us. The man is carrying a wrought iron parkbench on the motorbike. He scoots across the intersection. I notice that while our direction has a working traffic light, the cross street's light is out. Once traffic clears and our street goes, it could be a long time before the others can go again. A white Cadillac on our left turns left and clips the motorbike. I get out and run across to see if he is hurt. The bike has a flat tire, but he's not too upset about it. I suggest to my sister that since she is going right by the city park, she could give him a lift. She makes an excuse, and the man didn't seem to want a lift anyway, so no harm-no foul? My sister gestures toward a coffee shop on the corner away from downtown. It sports a Motown mural pink, orange and brown, and the name "Desperate"(?). She says Mom told her I have been to that coffee shop. "No," I tell her. "I go to that one," I point toward downtown (Roasters, the one across from the courthouse).<<

OK, maybe that is all I can remember? I was awakened at noon by a surprise visit from my niece. I had no idea I had slept that long, especially without waking intermittently!