Saturday, January 26, 2013

I need paper...

I should really keep a journal next to the bed like I used to! ... here's a few cold clips I can remember as I ready for sleep again...

(1) last night (Friday, January 25-Saturday Jan 26, 2013):
In response to an actual Tweet I sent to +Tom Cruise (even though I am 1:57.6K (followers on Twitter), you follow me and that makes me smile!) .. Tom replied to me (you may be 1 of 57.6K, but you are 2 in 3.3M (fans on FB)*...* -Tom)
I think I woke up too fast from that one, or I would have remembered more of the message (the *...*)! I did grab my phone to see if it was true... not yet. But, it is true that I follow Tom on Facebook from two personal profiles.. and My Little Crochet Shop! Tom is awesome!)

(2) a few nights ago, but less than 7 nights:
I was crossing a rock-strewn creek with a man (let's use the word "guy" meaning between the ages of 25 and 50, but physically fit and attractive for 50). We are collecting treasure from an island in the middle of the creek (ok,creek might be too small, but my vision of a river is too big). There is a table set for a large dinner party, and I walk around the end counterclockwise. Now, the guy and I are running in the woods. We have rifles? There is danger. We look for safe places to hide according to the danger (which can change). We duck behind a wooden shed in the woods to hide from a dinosaur (imagine T-Rex) headed our way. I ask him, "Is this really where you would want to hide from that?" No, so we split up and look for depressions in the ground like ditches or holes where trees have overturned. I am thinking about other dangers like fires and floods that might change my mind about where to hide.

(3) I did dream about Mr. Cruise on at least one occasion this week.. several nights ago. I remember being in a room with a fireplace and Tom and I were lying on a mattress on the floor. Voluminous ivory linen sheets. It is morning, but not early morning. People are stirring about in the house. The door to the room is open. I remember being anxious about that, but seeing a woman pass by in the hallway (was that Nicole Kidman?) and not even giving us a glance, I relaxed (Well, okay then!)... sorry, no details for you here... 
THEN .. Tom and some other actors are in a bar scene where one guy hands Tom a half filled glass of beer and Tom is supposed to chug it. I am somehow assisting the production. The director hopes to do this scene in one take. Of course, it doesn't. After the second take, Tom switches to water and editing will make it look right. After two takes with water, Tom says he can't drink this water... the take is in my hometown, and the tap water is not bad, but not great. I go to the (MY!) refrigerator and pull out the Brita pitcher of filtered water and say, "Oh, here, Sweetie! I've been holding out on you!" Tom takes the pitcher, looks at it, and turns shaking his head.
Somewhere in the middle up there where Tom is switching from beer to water, there is a short actor (under 5 ft tall, maybe under 4ft?) who has taken some liberties with his costume and added my green tablecloth and a purple scarf as layered shawls. The director just allows whatever, because this actor is a bit of a dramaqueen (the bad kind) and everyone just goes along with whatever. Now, these items were ACTUALLY in my dining room at the time... so if my walls were red brick instead of yellow drywall, it could have been my house?

Odd, huh?