Monday, August 27, 2012

One long dream... or many little snippets?

Okay, so I found myself sleeping literally with my eyes open for the last few nights. Don't know why, but I have, therefore, been staying up past 2am and falling asleep around 3, for a complete 8 hours. Well, I get up around 8 to let the dog out, but then I return to bed ... and some STRANGE dreams!

These are snippets, although I do not recall a break in the action... they all ran together as a single story (sort of) but I lost the segues and I can't put them back in order. Here goes:
I am outdoors. I am carrying something, but I see a large brown butterfly in the tall green grass near a large tree stump. It might be dead, so I plan to collect it for my niece's bug collection. I go (to the house?) and put down whatever I am carrying (lightweight, miscellany) and return to the butterfly. There are two. The second is definitely alive, and stirs up the one I have my eye on. It moves and transforms (maybe just by folding its wings) into a thick green insect (like a large emerald grasshopper- looking bug). It's not dead, so I leave it...Walking back to the house, I am carrying a small plastic container with three small eggs. They are blue and brown and muddy looking. I am happy even though I didn't get the big butterfly, I collected these three eggs. Someone (?) meets me outside the house. I put the small bunch of flowers I am carrying (?) in a clear glass vase that has a couple inches of pearl and red flattened marbles in the bottom. The flowers instantly turn a beautiful shade of aqua and white that contrasts well with the marbles! I go into the house and hold the container with eggs. I think of a color, and the eggs turn that color! I try this many times with different colors, and even produced yellow tulip buds! Pink and light blue are by far the easiest; yellow is not difficult. Fuchsia (bright pink) is tough, and purple is never vibrant. I show my niece, S, what I can do. The eggs are replaced by a knitted dress for a girl. I ask her to call out a color. She replies with her own name (Sammie). I focus on her name, and the dress becomes orange and bright pink striped! She names her cousin, and the dress again changes to a new color scheme! My mother watches in amazement to my right, we are facing Sammie's closet.

I walk in on my father and his friend discussing the weather. They are not distressed, but curious and confused about the wild variations across small regions. I look out the window to see dark low hanging clouds that extend nearly to the horizon. I see funnel clouds, I think (?). Watching closely, I confirm to myself that is what I see, but they are distant (for now?), and I do not feel threatened. Wondering what else I will see, I watch the horizon intently. There are boats in the foreground, and I see a boat bob into view on the horizon. A tsunami approaches quickly. As the wave builds... [you know how you can see jellyfish and seaweed in the wall of a wave? keep that in mind] ... I see a dragon in the wave! The wave crashes, and the water rushed under the boats in the marina, and under the pier and docks, and under the bed where I am sitting with my dog. Just bobbing everything up... no real problem. Not even scary, really. I muse about this for a second, and (in my dream, now!) I wonder what must be really going on that I am dreaming my bed is bobbing up and down! ... so the wave repeats, dragon, boats and all.

I am going for a hike with some new friends. We are leaving from Raleigh, NC, and our leader tells the group we are walking to Wilmington (NC?) ... [not walking distance from Raleigh!] We walk through a ballet class (less than ten students?), but we are able use the side stairs without crossing the dancefloor. The stairs are an escalator. I worry, because it has been a long time since I have used this route, and I don't remember how to exit. The woman beside/behind me explained the plan, but at the bottom, we are on this large wheel (like a carnival ride?) operated by Johnny Depp. When our seat gets by the exit, the gate briefly opens and we jump out. Except, I'm too slow, and the gate hits the gatepost, stopping the ride. Johnny Depp simply asks me to check the few gates behind me are closed, and he proceeds to reverse the wheel a bit so (my) gate will close properly. I go with the group through a short walkway that is flooded with about six inches of very cold water! We all trudge through, and outside we start our walk to Wilmington. The brick walkway is somewhat inclined and has steps every now and then. I realize I am gliding... like controlled hydroplaning! There is water on the walk due to everyone tracking it out of the previous section, but I am the only one gliding. I have impeccable balance! "Heidi's the pacesetter here!" the guide calls out to the group. I see a pile of gear to the right of the walk and I step over to it. There is a baby seat (like a car seat for a child) on the downhill side of the pile. I remove it to reposition it higher. Just as I get it in place, a young man falls in the water pool and sends a surge upstream that absolutely drenches the seat! I say aloud, "If he had just done that a few seconds earlier while I was holding it up!" (disgusted, maybe, but not angry).... I climb onto the bunkbed (part of the pile of gear?) and jump down from the center, nearly landing on a plush toy of the Aussie Haircare purple kangaroo. ... and we're walking...


I am outdoors in a parking lot (?) by a drive-thru window. I see three terracotta gardenstone turtles (mine!) in the driving lane, and cars are driving over them! I ask aloud, "Who put the turtles in the (drive-thru)?" My older sister admits that she did it. I go to retrieve them and put them back in the grassy area, but I am distracted by a woman and a child hastily collecting cement garden stones and stacking them in her van. I go over to her and report that the turtles are mine. She allows me to take the two cement turtles and tells me some might already be on the van. My mother comments that she would like to start putting the turtles on her porch. I think to myself how ridiculous this is, because she has one turtle already, and it's a very small porch! Mom helps me look in the van, but we didn't find any more turtles. There are other gardenstones, I see some like fish, but no more turtles, and NONE in the van! The passenger compartment is filled with other stuff, and a compartment under the passenger seating is accessible from the rear. This space contains Avon boxes (anyone who knows an Avon Representative knows about Avon boxes!) and a case of bottled water. Mom takes a bottle of water (?) as I tell her we have to close it up. The woman has started the van and is ready to drive away! We hastily close up the van, but the upper right window is not secure and items will fall out. I chase after the van (low speed, still in parking lot) and close the window. Now inside the van, I help secure the inside vinyl window with hook-and-loop tape. The girl (teenager) in the seat has two long straps (leather? size of Slim-Jim jerky or Pupperoni) and asks what they are for. I presume they are to tie the cargo to a hold in the front of the van, but they are too short. So we don't use them.