Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mother leaves in haste; Spills cargo

So last night was a strange one! After dreaming about a man I have had a crush on for a long time and think of every day was sitting at my kitchen table sans shirt (and maybe just in his tighty-whiteys?) and flirting with me across the table. ... in case that wasn't strange enough... I had another dream...

I am apparently in Raleigh with some school friends, but I am preparing to go home to Graham. I am not 100% committed to driving back today, but I am getting my things together anyway. If I don't go today, I will drive tomorrow, but there may be someone expecting me to come back tonight (not the guy in the dream above, someone I care much less about). I could ride back with my mother, as she is taking some things over to my younger sister who also lives in the greater-Graham area. My father is loading boxes of stuff into the white van. Mom starts the van and calls out to me (over her shoulder) that she is "...leaving now and (my father) can ride with me or whatever." I answered that I was planning to ride with her, but she was already driving away. That's when I saw the back doors of the van were still open! I ran through the house to try and head her off before she got to the road, but I was too late! She was able to pull straight into the street, and making a left, the van nearly tipped over as all the cargo shifted and spilled out the back!
    Mom was so mad she got out of the van and stomped into the house. My older sister and I stared at the van and the spilled contents in the street. Just then, a truck (?) drove into the van breaking it into. We started to gather up the stuff in the road. A burgundy van drove through the wreckage (in the same direction as the first vehicle... from the right to the left) and incurred damage to the driver's side as it drove past the half of the van that was in the road, and kept going! I cursed at the burgundy van as it drove away.
     My father ran out and saw the mess, and turned back toward the house. "Hold it right there!" I shouted to him. "This is your second oldest daughter, Heidi, standing here! And this is your oldest daughter..." He had not asked what happened, or anything! In retrospect, he probably knew enough of the story when Mom stormed back into the house that no further explanation was necessary when he saw us picking up the pieces. I took a box of things into the house and let Mom know I was willing to take her to my sister's, and that she probably needed to pack an overnight bag. She agreed and went to gather her things.