Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year of bizarre dreams

The moon is not yet full, but the strange dreams have started! First, I thought it was because I slept crossways on the end of the bed with my head pointed south instead of the usual west orientation. Maybe, since the dreams started Thursday night, it has something to do with current solar activity. Actually, on Wednesday, January 4, 2012, I could not stay asleep. It was like I was expecting something to happen. Thursday, I volunteered to help take down Christmas decorations at the Ronald McDonald House with two other PartyLite consultants. I felt fine until I got home and I was exhausted!

So Thursday, January 5, 2012: (I’ll have to get my journal out, oops!)

Then on Friday, January 6, 2012:
The most disturbing dream was me lying in bed with the man I have a deep affection for. (That’s not the disturbing part!) The sheets are maize, like brown mustard, not bright yellow. As I snuggled closer to him and kissed his neck, he became a different male entity whom I recognize (?), and he said, “You don’t have much time left.” Puzzled, I laid my head on his shoulder. A moment later, I was awakened by the original man who was now lying on my other side and talking in his sleep. He was having a bad dream.
I woke him, and he told me, “You were on fire, and I couldn’t save you!”
I asked where we were.
“At home.”
“What happened to the animals?”
“They are all all right. I put them in my pocket, but I couldn’t put you in my pocket. Why haven’t you eaten? You were supposed to eat!”
The second man I saw who gave me the ominous message was no longer in the room.
I later dreamed I was driving a big red motorcycle. When I start the bike, leg rests come out from the sides of the bike and cradle my legs and feet on either side of the front wheel. It was a new vehicle to me, but I drove it around all day running errands, going to the store, etc. After my last stop at a convenience store, I spoke to an old classmate (biggest flirt, Angela T.) and backed the bike out of the parking space next to a red Mustang before starting it. Maybe I don’t know how to drive it in reverse? Maybe I am too nervous about maneuvering the new bike close to the pretty car? When I get to the end of the parking lot, there is a STOP sign. I totally forgot how to brake the bike! So I let off the accelerator and glided around the left turn putting my left foot out for support. Oh, I remember! Brakes are on the handlebars! Safe ride.
Another dream I had the same night: I was riding a hoverboard like the one in the Back to the Future movies. I was specially selected as one of many people to ride the board and complete travel missions including time travel. When I was riding around the “base camp” (a city in the sky), I noticed I was only a foot or so above the ground. When I left base to go on a mission, I was above tree top level (although the trees and neighborhood below are reminiscent of Pixar scenery) and that made me nervous. So, I repeatedly told myself that the real ground level was only a foot or so below me and was transparent. Furthermore, I was privileged to be asked to do the missions and could be replaced if I couldn’t handle it. 

I saw others who were zipping around on the hoverboards. I slowed as I arrived at my destination: a castle or resort style building. I nearly stumbled on the ledge because I grazed a tree branch during my landing. I stepped off the board and crossed the street. I was talking to myself: Hey! I know this place! This happened right before I met Rich! We talked about it!  (Rich died a couple of years ago, and I confirmed (to myself) that I am not emotionally distressed by the mission.) **in reality, this “place” happened in 1981, five years before I met Rich**

I approach the entrance to the corner café that has a big poster on the door. “1981” and some words I didn’t read. I am expecting a meeting of some brilliant minds to talk about time travel and other super-intelligent topics. Some young men approach at the same time. We enter together; each with our hoverboard tucked under our arm. There are three cafeteria style tables in front of us. I am not sure how to proceed. One of the guys shoves the first table and makes a way. I notice the floor is wet and possibly sticky as from spilled sodas. Other young men are already in the café and are showing off their skills in a mock boarding competition. A man in his 30’s (?) sits at the counter. I recognize him as the owner or at least the leader for tonight’s assembly. It doesn’t look like what I expected.
            “Am I late, or…?” I asked.
            “You are late,” came the reply. “We will start soon when the others arrive.”

Mom comes down the stairs in a light panic. She insists there was an earthquake, and wants me to look it up online and verify it and find out how long it will last, if there will be more, and such. I didn’t feel it. I go to her kitchen table and go to the USGS Earthquake Hazards page. There is no report of an earthquake for our area. I refresh the page. Nothing. There are some postings for other countries, but not here. Then I notice the leaves on the small trees in the neighbors yard start wiggling! The USGS updates that (our area) has registered an earthquake, and then the site changes over to a gaming site.  I “go back,” but I can’t get the page back. I retype the address in the browser, but it’s “currently not available.” I’m telling Dad that Mom says she felt the earthquake before it happened, but I don’t know how.