Monday, May 30, 2011

I am over IT but what is it?

Logbook: Monday, May 30, 2011. 8:47am

I was awakened from this dream by low level commotion in the house. Maybe the cats were galloping up and down the hallway? Anyway, I had a very interesting dream that involved me, "Mr. Deweese," assorted convenience items (fortune cookies, turnovers, muffins, etc) that are in a big divided countertop bin with warming lights!)... and a classroom with computers and at least one printer.

On the wall, there are neon pink and green printed labels. One has my name, and underneath is the label "IT". Heh heh, I laugh to myself, I am over IT. That is funny! As this seems to be a computer classroom, I wonder, though, if IT means Information Technology as in an I.T. Department? Without punctuation, I can't be sure what the message means. I start to mention to our teacher, Mr. Deweese, that I would have clarified the message with additional letters or punctuation, but other students have his attention. It can wait.
When Mr. Deweese does get a moment, he is printing at the corner printer situated beneath the aforementioned signs. The printer jams, and I fix it, pulling an original document from the feed and telling him to cancel and repeat the job request. Maybe I am over IT department? Mr. Deweese talks about how this class is different than when he had a similar class, and they were allowed to eat at their desks. Strange because we eat in here all the time, especially at the back of the classroom (farthest from the instructor). I see the bin of pastries and muffins .. and fortune cookies?! on a rear desk.

ah, phooey... there was more, I'm sure! I need to start writing down stuff as soon as I wake up!